The Fjord Pilgrim Route

Kystpilegrimsleia Collage

The Fjord Pilgrim route, or “Kystpilegrimsleia” is the Norwegian tongue twisting name for the most exciting tourism development project in Norway in recent years. Based on cultural heritage and coastal culture along the 2000 kilometer long coastline it sets the stage for a modern fairytale.

The project is an official collaboration between the 5 counties along the coast, the church and the Directorate of Cultural Heritage, making this a unique pilgrim-project in a world-scale.


20140603_092310The gateway to the Fjords

The route starts in Rogaland county (58° N) and leads the way to Trondheim (63°N) and follows in the footsteps and paddle strokes the old pilgrims going to the shrines of St. Sunniva in Selje and St. Olav in Trondheim. The Fjord Pilgrim route takes you along the most varied and dramatic landscapes of Norway. From the flat and wind-ravaged south you get to experience how the landscape change with rising steep cliffs, deep fjords, rich archipelagos and spectacular, breathtaking colour play. Taking you by the passage to all of the Norwegian fjord, and the people that have made their homes for centuries, in the most unparalleled landscapes in the world, the Fjord Pilgrim route is an experience of a lifetime.


tresverdThe Vikings and the dawn of a new era

Norway, stemming from the old “Nor-wegen” meaning “the way going north” have always been the home of a seafaring folk. Travelling the world in their long-ships the Vikings picked up more than just tangible valuables along the way.

Cultural exchange led to increased numbers of Vikings returning home with a new religion among the treasures of the world. It took three Viking kings, turning from paganism to Christianity, and setting their heart to enforce a new power regime and a new social paradigm to finally christen the country. Changing a society across a topographically challenging country  took centuries, and the traces of this period is visible along the “the way going north”. The water-roads of the Vikings soon became the paths of merchants trading goods, and pilgrims from northern Europe coming to the shrines of St. Sunniva at Selja monastery and St. Olav at the Nidaros cathedral in Trondheim.  Today you can experience the north way in the old way.


Through space and time. From human to human.

Its time to experience the coast in a whole new way.



The Project

The project Kystpilegrimsleia started may 1st 2014 and aims to show forth a signposted and complete route adapted to the ways of slow-tourism by the middle of  2017. Rooted in local traditions, focusing on local food and cultural heritage you will experience a vast variety of types of accommodation and transport and find experiences suited for all types of modern pilgrims. Parts of the path will be adapted to cyclists and walkers and parts are better suited for small boats or kayaks.

Thinking 1400 kilometers is too much? Don’t worry, you don’t have do it all in one go. We are looking forward to have you back many times!

About this website will primarily be updated in Norwegian, for the time being. It aims to show the development in the project and how the different projects and events happening along the coastline. Feel free to contact us here.

You can also read the website in your language is you are using a browser that has translating plugins. Happy reading!